Fall foliage

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Changing of color begins
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Prefecture Foliage spots Explanation Present color change
Ishikawa Prefecture In front of Chugu Observatory elevation
This is the last stop on the White Road and is open through early November. The Sarugajodo (the mountains in the distance of the Chugu Exhibit Hall) are quite beautiful. Winter preparations
Jadani Bridge elevation
The best time to see this is in late-October. The contrast of the foliage with the coniferous green trees around the bridge is lovely. Winter preparations
Fukube Falls elevation
The best time to see this is in mid-October through late October. The spray of the waterfalls and the foliage around the cliffs called “Kinran” and “Ginran” are beautiful. Winter preparations
Kunimi Observatory elevation
The best time to see this is around mid-October. See the White Road snaking around the mountain slopes and the foliage all around the area. Winter preparations
Hakusan Observatory elevation
The best time to see this is from around early October to mid-October. The views of fall foliage from the virgin beech forests across the valley are beautiful. Winter preparations
Gifu Prefecture Sanpoiawadake Parking Lot elevation
The best time to see this is at the peak of White Road between late September and early October. Winter preparations
Sanpoiwadake elevation
The foliage begins to change color in around late September, with early October being the peak time to see it. Here you can enjoy both the foliage and the sight of snow on the distant mountaintops. Winter preparations
Near 12.5KP elevation
The best time to see this is in mid-October. Enjoy the foliage throughout the mountains. Winter preparations
Shirakawa-go Observatory Parking Lot elevation
The best time to see this is in mid-October. The beech tree foliage in the distance is beautiful. Fallen leaves
Second hairpin elevation
The best time to see the foliage is from mid-October to late October (seeing the Shirakawa-go area from the Shirakawa-go Observatory Parking Lot) Winter preparations
In front of management office elevation
Best seen from late October through early November (seeing Magari Shoji from the management office) Winter preparations