If traveling by car


Toll (includes consumption tax)

In effect since 4/1/2015

Vehicle type Standard fee Discounts available for those with disabilities Round-trip fee Repeated use fee
Light vehicle 1,400 Yen 700 Yen 2,200 Yen 12,200 Yen(10 tickets)
Standard Vehicles 1,600 Yen 800 Yen 2,600 Yen 14,600 Yen(10 tickets)
Micro buses 4,900 Yen 7,800 Yen 43,700 Yen(10 tickets)
Large bus 10,800 Yen 17,300 Yen 48,600 Yen(5 tickets)
*Making U-turns on paid routes incurs one-way tolls *To receive the disables person’s discount please show your disabled person’s passbook at the payment window. *Round-trip use is valid for 5 days *In addition to purchasing at toll booths, coupon books can be purchased at each management office and bureau
  • Note that payment by highway card or credit card is not available. (Please pay in cash.)
  • Fee discounts: discounts are offered for student tours for pupils from elementary and middle schools in Ishikawa and Gifu prefectures.
    (Large buses: subject to microbus rates; microbuses: subject to standard vehicle rates)

*You must file in advance with the management office; please inquire.

Traffic regulations (when exceeding set thresholds)

Hourly rainfall 25mm Fog visibility 20m
24 hour rainfall 70mm Maximum wind speed 15m/sec
Continuous rainfall 80mm Snow and freezing time

All roads along the 33.3km route from Ozou, Hakusan, Ishikawa Prefecture to Hatogaya, Shirakawa, Ono-gun, Gifu Prefecture are two lane paved roads.
(The paid route spans from the Ishikawa Chugu Tollbooth to the Gifu Magari Toolbooth. The route takes about one hour to travel through.)

  • Camping (including making fires) along the forest route (paid route) is forbidden. Poaching and plucking of animals and plants forbidden.
  • Night-time parking forbidden; two-wheeled vehicles forbidden