Frequently Asked Questions

Opening period

Is it possible to go through White Road between Kanazawa (Ishikawa Prefecture) and Shirakawa-go (Gifu Prefecture) during Golden Week?

Cannot pass during Golden Week

The passage is possible around the beginning of June every year (subject to change due to snow cover).

The schedule will be posted on the traffic information screen (orange part at the top of each page) on this website as soon as it is confirmed.

How long can I pass in November?

The White Road is usually closed on November 10th.

How long will I be able to reach Chu-guu Onsen and Chu-guu Visitor Center (Chu-guu Exhibition Hall)?

It is usually around the end of April (it may change depending on the snow conditions).
Specific dates will be posted on the traffic information screen (orange part at the top of each page) on this website as soon as they are confirmed.

Opening time

What time can I pass the White Road?

The time you can pass through the White Road is as follows.
June to August: 7AM to 6PM (gates close at 7PM)
September to November: 8AM to 5PM (gates close at 6PM)

By what time can I enter the tollhouse to get through?

If you enter from the toll booth by the following admission time, you can pass through (please enter by the closing time).

<Admission time>

June-August:      until 6:00 pm,

September-November: until 5:00 pm

<Closing time>

June-August:        7:00 pm,

September-November:   6:00 pm


What kind of proof is eligible for the T disability discount usage fee? Also, is it eligible for a discount just by riding with me?

There are three types of proofs that are eligible for the disability discount usage fee: physical disability certificate, long-term care certificate, and mental disability health and welfare certificate.
If you have the above certificate, you will be charged a discounted fee for the vehicle (please show your notebook at the tollhouse).
In addition, from the third year of Reiwa, you can receive a discount by presenting your digital disability certificate “Mirairo ID” on your smartphone.

Is it possible to make a U-turn at the parking lot within the toll road?
Also, how much is the charge in that case?

It is possible to exit from the same tollhouse that you entered by making a U-turn at the parking lot within the toll section. In this case, the fare will be a one-way fare.

Can I use credit cards, ETC cards, electronic payment apps for smartphones, etc. to pay tolls?

Payment is by cash only, and payment by credit card, ETC card,  is not possible.

Is there a discount if I stay at a nearby accommodation this yea

In Ishikawa Prefecture, we are implementing a “one-way free hot spring campaign” in which one-way tolls on White Road are free when you stay at registered accommodations.

For details, please check the following external site on the Ishikawa side, or check directly with the accommodation facility.


Is it possible to go from Kanazawa to Shirakawa-go, a World Heritage Site, through White Road?

During the opening period (usually from early June to November 10th), you can go from Kanazawa to Shirakawago via White Road. It takes about one to one and a half hours compared to using the Tokai Hokuriku Expressway, but you can enjoy the highlights at the foot of Mt. Hakusan and White Road.

How long does it take to drive between the Chugu tollhouse and the Magari tollhouse?

It takes about 60 minutes just to go through.

Please tell me the route and time from Kanazawa Station to Chu-Guu Toll Gate.

It takes about an hour and a half via National Highway 8 and National Highway 157.

How long does it take from the Shirakawago interchange to the Magari toll booth?

It takes about 10 minutes.

For details, please see the “Access / Charges” page.

Is it possible to go to Hakusan Shirakawago White Road without using a private car or rental car?

You can go by tour bus or sightseeing taxi. For more information, please see the “Tour Information” page


Is there a place where you can take a leisurely view of the scenery with a wheelchair?

There is a barrier-free observatory in the Sanpoiwa parking lot, from which you can enjoy a magnificent view of the mountains.

Is there a multipurpose toilet or a disabled toilet on White Road?

There are four multipurpose restrooms in total, including the management offices of both prefectures, the Shirakawago Observatory Parking Lot, and the Nakamiya Visitor Center.

There are three toilets for the physically challenged: Sanpoiwa Parking Lot, Katsutsukidai Parking Lot, and Toyota Shirakawa-Go Nature School.

Please tell me where the toilet is on the road.

Toilets are located in 8 of the 13 parking lots.

For details, see the table (facility) at the bottom of the page and the “model course”.

Are there any places or shops where you can eat within the paid section of White Road?

Currently there is no place to serve food or drink on the toll road.

Vending machines are installed at the management offices in the toll-free section of both prefecture.and Tyuuguu-Onsen on the Ishikawa prefecture side, and Toyota Shirakawa-go Nature School on the Gifu prefecture side.

Where is Oyadaninoyu-Spa?

It is about a 15-minute walk (about 20 minutes on the way back) from the Jadanienchi parking lot on the promenade

The Promenade closing time June-August: 17:00, September-November: 16:00

Can mobile phones be connected on the road?

You cannot use your mobile phone on the White Road for most of the toll roads.

In case of an emergency, there are emergency telephones at 14 locations within the toll road, so please use these.

Precautions, etc.

Is it possible to shoot with a drone on the White Road?

Within the area of Hakusan Sirakawa-go White road the use (flying, photographing, operating) of dronesis prohibited. Strict warnings will be issued to anyone using a drone without permission.

Vehicle type / equipment

Is it possible to use White Road on a bicycle or motorcycle?
Also, is a motorcycle with a sidecar useless?

Two-wheeled vehicles, including motorcycles with sidecars, are not allowed in the toll section of White Road from the viewpoint of ensuring vehicle safety.

I am planning to use White Road from the end of October to November. Is there snow on the road at that time?
In that case, is it necessary to install taddless tires?

No studless tires are needed.

If there is snow or the road surface freezes, the road will be closed.

So please check the traffic information screen on this website (orange part at the top of each page) or call the management office before departure.


When is the best time to see the autumn leaves?

Depending on the climate of the year,the altitude difference on White Road is close to 1,000 m.

So the autumn leaves usually last for more than a month from the end of September to the beginning of November.

And the tollhouses in both prefectures are from high altitude to low altitude.

During the period, you can enjoy the best time to see the autumn leaves somewhere along the roadside.

When and where can you see the sea of clouds(unkai)?

Depending on the weather, the sea of clouds can be seen from the Sanpoiwa parking lot to the Shirakawago observatory parking lot in the early morning of autumn, from mid-September to early November every year.

How many waterfalls can i see along the road? which waterfall do you recommend?

There are eight waterfalls on the Ishikawa side around White Road, of which seven can be seen on the side of the road.

Each waterfall is unique and wonderful, but we recommend Hukubeno-otaki which have large height differences,

and Ubagataki which is elegant.